Hi I am Marlene J. Nichols and I write blog for people who are interested to read and learn from it. I live in at Washington in USA with my family members. And my husband work a official job and my work is making different type of recipes and writing blog.

I started in April 2012. I had decided that when I was complete my phd from the southern University. And I remembered that my all friend planning the better job and doing business with their opportunities. But I planed that I will work for the people and I chose the way.

You many ask why you come the way and done the job. In answer I will say that here I worked for the women, children and more people and now I will say that I am a person who build up a 129 types recipe and write the 7 books for the people.

If I am do not interested to do the way and do not done the job that’s why I am working on the office or any other but I do not say anybody its not my need. My need is what? You know now I think.

Last year I published a new book named “Home Rest” where you can find out how to we are spoil our time on home. Here we are wasting more and more time but any one read my book with great concern that’s why who are not wasting time on the home.

So Do you have any suggestion and questions please feel free to contract with me.